Mteck Cranes BV knows that every client has different specific demands for their machines. We construct the best custom-made machines for every application. Cooperation with various relations besides our own engineering team leads to a guaranteed short delivery time. The customer will be closely involved during the whole process of development, construction, assembly and commissioning of their investment.

The possibilities are endless.

Our crane types

Off-shore dredging crane
Material handling crane
Multipurpose city crane
Hoisting crane
Dropball crane
Our electric dredging cranes are engineered to realize a very deep reach, a sturdy smooth handling, and accurate positioning.
Our material handling cranes are much like our dredging cranes, but aren’t built as thick, due to in-land conditions. Also, the engine rooms will be remarkably spacious if its electronics are ordered in a seperate 20ft container.
Mounted on steel tracks and equipped with a big, toothed bucket: draglines can get work done faster than clamshell cranes, but can’t reach as deep. They can be used for either dredging or mining.
Multipurpose city cranes are the jack of all trades. With tracks retracted, they’re only 4m wide. They are made for easy transport, flexibility and adaptability and can even be plugged into the local power grid.
Hoisting cranes are made for slow, heavy lifts. Our hoisting cranes are powerful and precise.
Dropball cranes are the blacksmiths among cranes. Used to break slag in the metal industry, they are reïnforced to minimize wear from schrapnel, and equipped with a huge electromagnet.

Mteck 110DH

Mteck 212E

Mteck 216E

Mteck 316E

Mteck 316E

Mteck 425E

Mteck 825E

Mteck 1150E